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Icebreaker 04:21
I am a lousy happy camper and everyone's a saint, but I'll be alive until the day I die. I wrote a long list in a letter, it was full of shame, but I'll be the one to say you're not my friend. I have a habit, ask me about it, then I won't be plain. I'm making people and they're people too. I am not tired of your rumors cluttering up my desk. At least I'm fraternizing with the better sex. Oh no, let it go. I get along with anybody if it's my only chance to get along with later generations, I would forget the dance. Good night came when I came out and everyone looked my way. Everyone is so godawful goodlooking. Pity about you, I won't see it now, I looked too late for a change. Incredible houses, those treehouses. They might make you try and fly in the night. I knew you when you were mean.
Caveman Game 04:34
There's love in this scene, but it's not parallel to realizing. There's blood on your sleeve, your heart's been everywhere but in the body. We sight the unseen. If you could cure your love years you'd move like lightning. We're no longer teens. The greatest obstacle is now treading lightly. Obstacle course through my brain. There's no in between, you put your anger there but it's still one thing. You though you were being. You got your nature to pull in but just not rightly.
Loose cannons in flight. Draw your swords to fight. Make it last all night. I'd walk until I can't walk. I'd break my back if it were mine, but I am not in charge. Go on leave your chores behind. Lose your cares to make them mine. Go to sleep it'll be fine (ha ha). It's not too late time flies. I am not in charge.
If you can't run, we got a problem. Without speed we can't do anything. War, even a cave might trust, but what it'll lead to no one will ever prove. It's not my job to be a stage fighter, unless it will increase my chances of showing you. I'm on the verge of finding how you've been teleporting. I've got the words that'll make you disappear again. I ditched the verb, pie in the sky and I'm still getting higher, and you've got the nerve to be dignified.
Hiss 04:51
If the man shows up, get a move on. If your plan grows up, give me a call. If your crown caves in, get a new one. Staying up all night is easier than pi(e). I'm fast responsible to change to morning skies. The same old shit-hole ship still takes you ever high. I've made my peace with sheep and now I'd like to die, or maybe go on.
I am calling from the tower, because it's pitch-dark in between. I'm calling you 'cause I have no power. All I do is all I see. Hey.
You're hard pressed to find again. You may go on to not get any better. The way you are is choking my endeavors. Sure I got what I came for, but at what cost? If I'm here in the canyon, then I am lost.
Anniversary 03:44
OK. So you made the switch, scratched that nagging itch. But who are you trying to convince? Save the cows, and smoke the trees. A little lacking is just what you need. But who’s gonna pay for your good deeds? This is the anniversary of your decision to get up and give in. So maybe no one impresses you anymore. They start to say, you already know the score. You’re so predictable; I’ve heard all this before. Even your mentors don’t love you now. You stomp your feet just to hear the sound. You’re just a bored tourist in this ghost town. This is the anniversary of your decision to get up and give in.
Big Time 03:13
Tonight I break my fast slowly on the path. Looks like I'm not mad. Tonight I break my back only for a laugh. But you can't break this half. I'd be happy to meet your family if you could meet me first. Want you to call and just say anything so I can finish this verse.


Album artwork by Cosimo Galluzzi -


released January 20, 2012

Produced by Ryen Slegr and WALK


all rights reserved



WALK Los Angeles, California

"Flawless production and stylistic vocals are framed by instrumental parts that are always enough and are never too much." - Floorshime Zipper Boots

" It’s a delirious collision of psychedelia and shoegaze and more — the Flaming Lips meet Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr. meets Built to Spill, to throw around a few names. Jordan’s boy-next-door tenor might even remind you of Avi Buffalo." -
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